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Quote (curaga @ Sep. 18 2007,08:01)
* New automatic update of etc.ld.cache for uci .so files

I'd like to know is this done with the switch limiting search to that directory, or just "ldconfig"?

Because making it search the whole filesystem would make it damn slow on old comps / slow cd-drives..

ldconfig updates /etc/ So while processing uci look for .so files and add their unique directory names to /etc/ and then run ldconfig. Should not create a big slowdown.

Quote (jaapz @ Sep. 18 2007,08:44)
hey, a new realease, this is great, any idea when the official release is going to be?

Hopefully this will be last in RC series. I am not planning anymore new features, just fix bugs as they are reported. So, probably a few weeks.
Quote (meo @ Sep. 18 2007,01:39)
Hi Robert!

I've just tried the DSL 4.0rc4 out. Sad to say nothing happened when i clicked on Backgrounds in the DSLpanel. I'm running and posting this from a freshly burned cd without any changes or backups. Just thought I should notify you.

As always have fun with DSL,

I cannot reproduce. Please provide more information. At least the output of "showbootcodes" or use Stats and Boot codes screen and type of install.
I miss the right-click menu, is there any way to enable it in dsl4.0
Quote (golions @ Sep. 18 2007,09:26)
I miss the right-click menu, is there any way to enable it in dsl4.0

Right click on the desktop, select 'DFM for X11', check the box next to 'Desktop context menu'. To reset the right click menu right click one of the desktop icons & uncheck the 'Desktop context menu box'
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