Release Candidates :: DSL v4.0 alpha1

DSL v4.0 Alpha 1 is now available in the Release Candidate area.

This is a very different version of DSL. It is based on the following wish list as expressed in the forums.

* New 2.4.34 kernel.
* Easier to use user interface
* A real desktop framework
* Drag-N-Drop capability
* Better and more flexible file associations
* Closer coupling of the icons and file manager
* Document centric capability
* Optional menu-less capability
* More intuitive interface to MyDSL extensions

Please read the new Getting Started document. There are many changes in icons, file manager, accessing menu and mydsl.

Note: This is NOT a release candidate. It is the first in an alpha cycle. A such, do expect anomalies.

Updated alpha cuts will be posted as they become available.

When posting feedback here in this forum, please be aware that DSL has four major installations methods.

1. Live CD
2. Frugal
3. Hybrid
4. Traditional

Please indicate which method is being used.

Be aware that this is a new system and that copying only KNOPPIX will not work!

You should test separately from exising installations of DSL.
Should you so attempt to do otherwise please be aware that the following files have changed and are likely in your backup.

1. .xinitrc
2. .desktop
3. .fluxbox/
4. .fluxbox/menu
5. .jwmrc
6. .filetool.lst
7. .xfiletool.lst

The following are no longer used:

1. .xtdesktop/
2. .emelfm/

First impressions... some notes:
- looks like jwm is the wm by default
- the minirt contains scsi and sata modules for boot
- dfm takes over for icons and file manager - provides easier integration and more

I'll admit I was a bit lost when I first booted up it up as a livecd, and even ignored the dillo popup the first time round... like I missed my terminal icon on the desktop... but I'll play around with it more..

When I went to shut down... received numerous permission denied errors from touch and tar, but one distinct error after unmounting scite.uci had "rm: cannot remove `//.dfmdesk/MyDSL/': No such file or directory"  -- I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be "~/" or something like that.

- right-click menu on the dfm desktop for XTerm starts the directory in /ramdisk/home/dsl/.dfmdesk -- not sure if this is the intended behaviour
- the icons look like they are very low in quality (at least, compared to the previous icons used with xtdesk).  Was this done on purpose due to the sheer amount of new icons, or is this a limitation of the implementation of dfm?

I like the new styles for fluxbox/jvm and it fits well with that wallpaper (which is also perfect for those pseudo-transparent aterms)

Might I ask what kind of install is hybrid?

I'd also be interested in what is in the kernel besides vanilla sources. Unionfs, cloop, bootsplash, supermount, ntfs-2g, loop-aes, -lck patchset etc?

And should the modules & drivers section be divided to "DSL < 4.0" and "DSL => 4.0"?
first of all thanks for implementing this new version based on user requirements/feedbacks. Good work.  there r some infos to be noted:

the current version 4.0 (RC)  is missing in these few mirrors:  Fast! (South Africa) (Austria) also rsync and FTP

i will test the version and soon let u know if found any issues..

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