Release Candidates :: DSL v3.3 RC2

The second release candidate of DSL v3.3 is now posted.

Cumulative Change Log for DSL v3.3RC2

* New gettime.lua to set clock from a time server.
* Updated zoneinfo to support new Daylight Savings Time.
* Restored menu item "Enable Apt" and dpkg-resore download script.
* Updated mydsl tool; download directory is now verified.
* Updated pendrive installation scripts to be device independent both install and runtime.
* Fixed mount tool for cdrom and floppy devices.
* Added ballon help on docked mount tool.
* More install options on dslinstall menu; access via install boot label
* Added new /opt/bin directory with /opt/bin in PATH.
* Added mouse configuration persistence via .mouse_config.
* Improved rdesktop - added color depth.
* ALSA sound autoconfiguration improvement via conflicting audio module.
* Automated start of rcfirewall upon boot when rcfirewall.unc is in mydsl search path at boot.
* Added auto start of gtk2 when gtk2 extension is in mydsl search path at boot.
* Removed non-boot SCSI modues, now a unc and autoloaded when scsi.unc is in mydsl search path at boot.
* Added legacy option to lowram boot image label.
* Added lowram check to .xinitrc - prevents Dillo and Torsmo from starting.
* Updated bootfloppy.img to fix the 16MB memory/ramdisk bug.
* New dsl-split.lua a DSL KNOPPIX file dump to diskettes.
* Updated boot image "install" menu - dslinstall to support new options.
* Created a DSL FreeDOS utilitities diskette bootfloppy-utils.img for access to DOS installaton tools - linld, loadlin.
* Added to remove troublesome extraneous system directories in MyDSL extensions.
* Restored original b44.o module, should resolve hard drive netcard issues in v3.2.
* Fixed typo bug in mkmydsl.
* Fixed typo in exitcheck display of Iwconfig
* Fixed bug in when installing from a file.
* Fixed man script to support hard drive installations.

The balloon help works :)

Do you have the list of files to be copied from /etc/skel to overwrite a backup?

Quote (Juanito @ Mar. 06 2007,02:52)
Do you have the list of files to be copied from /etc/skel to overwrite a backup?

Thanks for reminding me.

Please note the following files have been updated and are likely in your backup.
You should compare and copy the new updated version from /etc/skel/



Quote (roberts @ Mar. 05 2007,23:46)
* More install options on dslinstall menu; access via install boot label

Hi Robert,

How do I use the dslinstall menu? Is "install" a cheat code that I type when I boot with the live CD? And what should I expect to see with this cheat code?

From the boot prompt:

boot: install

You will get a text installation menu with many options to make floppies, do all the installation types, and even start cfdisk.

It is useful to not have to start X and other processes, as you use less resources.

 1. Make Standard Boot Floppy
 2. Make USB Boot Floppy

 3. Install to Hard Drive
 4. Frugal Grub Hard Drive Install
 5. Frugal Lilo Compact Flash Install
 6. USB Pendrive ZIP boot Install
 7. USB Pendrive HDD boot Install                                                        

 8. Split KNOPPIX into floppy sized chunks
 9. Interacive KNOPPIX split onto floppies        
10. DSL FreeDOS Utilities

11. PCMCIA Module Floppy
12. Partition Tool cfdisk

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