Release Candidates :: DSL v3.1 RC4

DSL v3.1 RC4 is now ready for testing. Cumulative Change Log:

* Improved mount tool for "after boot" pendrive support.
* Fixed reported issues with mount tool - sort order & missing devices
* Fixed incomplete Lua conversion of dslMirrorSel.lua
* Fixed incomplete Lua conversion of icontool.lua
* Updated .jwmrc for recent menu changes
* Updated hard drive install for consistent fstab
* Updated hard drive install - lilo to partition instead of MBR
* Updated frugal lilo - dropped hda requirement & lilo to partition.
* New theme - envane
*  Improved to support Poormans via Bootfloppy installs.
*  Improved to support Poormans via Bootfloppy installs.
*  Improved dsl-hdinstall & dsl-installboot to support Poormans via Bootfloppy installs
*  Updated mkdosswapfile to support Poormans via Bootfloppy
*  New boot option 'dosswapfile' to autoscan or specify dosswapfile
*  dpkg-restore made consistent with other extensions to use /opt/.mydsl_dir.
*  gnu-utils-restore made consistent to use /opt/.mydsl_dir.
*  Changed mydslPanel to use /opt/.mydsl_dir
*  Fixed bug in mydslInfo to parse for new UNC area of repository
*  Fixed bug in DSLpanel for Xvesa
*  Fixed typo bug in icontool.lua
*  Dropped pts from mount.lua
*  Changed mkmydsl script -boot-load-size 4 for beter hardware compatibility.
*  Improved root's PATH, changes .fluxbox/menu .xtdesktop/Aterm.lnk, and /root/.bashrc
*  New boot option 'fuse' to load upon boot the fuse system.
*  Converted 54 Lua and Lua/Fltk programs to Lua 5.1.1 Fltk 1.1 via MurgaLua interface
*  Added right-click to MyDSL Icon for easy UCItool access
*  Improved Antiword fonts
*  Changed color escape codes to echo commands
*  Added TMPDIR environment variable
*  Dropped Original Lua/Fltk - flua
*  Edited .fluxbox menu. Configuration s/b Fluxbox Configuration
*  Added License section to "Getting Started" document
*  Cleanup code regarding DESKTOP & ICONS
*  Update stats.lua to read version from text file.
*  Added firefox adjustments for unionfs
*  Made unionfs the default boot. Use "legacy" option to skip.
*  Cleanup more /var/tmp to /tmp
*  Updated sqlite to 3.3.6
*  Made mydsl boot option consistent with restore boot option.
*  Enhanced exitcheck to warn if no backup device when requested to save special settings.
*  Added murgaLua Lua/Fltk development toolkit
*  Enhanced .torsmorc for ACPI battery indicator

Download here.

Also thanks to Marek Fetlinski and Erik Fredricks for providing the foundation for the new theme.  The new theme is a slightly tweaked copy of Marek Fetlinski's Envane, which is based on Erik Fredricks' original Window Maker theme.

Check out for some very nice themes.

Just to share my thoughts on whats really new in RC4:

After watching the board and seeing many posts on the difficulty of setting up a system with multiple OS over multiple hard drives, having to edit grub menu or lilo configurations, I set out to find something easier. This lead me to the gag boot loader. It is simple to configure and use. I reworked the lilo options on the DSL installation programs with the target of being able to use gag. With this release candidate we gain the use of gag. You don't need to use gag. You may still choose to the very flexible grub. And with lilo just mark your partition as active (boot) to operate as before.

The second area I worked on was mount tool. This was also forum driven. After seeing several posts on sort order, missing or incorrect devices on the list. Also, I had wanted to add the connection to hotplug so that a pendrive inserted after boot would show up in the mount tool. Actually I was planning the hotplug for v3.2 but since I was in the code, I decided to add it in this RC.

And finally I cleaned up two Lua programs that I had incomplete code conversion. Hopefully these 50 some Lua programs are now complete.

I really appreciate those who help test and those who share their experiences in the forums. It is many times the forum posts that help guide in making DSL continue to improve.


Improved mount tool for "after boot" pendrive support. Thats very helpful to me. Thank you.

Am yet to play with this RC but it looks promising.

In order to have all the changes take affect be sure have uptodate files.

Cumulative list of items that been updated during dsl 3.1RC series, which may be overridden by your backup:

1. .fluxbox/menu
2. .xtdesktop/Aterm.lnk
3. .xtdesktop/Cpanel.lnk
4. .xtdesktop/MyDSLgui.lnk
5. .jwmrc

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