Window Mangers :: need help with persistent icewm wallpaper

bsetbg [path]

So if your foo.png background is in ~/.fluxbox/backgrounds, you would have a line in .xinitrc like this:

bsetbg /home/dsl/.fluxbox/backgrounds/foo.png &

You can check the man page for bsetbg using Google if you need to try some of its options for your huge monitor.

As far as xscreensaver, I have a line like this in my .xinitrc (hope you meant the ampersand instead of dollar sign):
xscreensaver -nosplash &

Edit: I don't think DSL is any more work than other distros. Some run everything behind pretty coatings. There's maybe a little more tweaking involved with DSL to get it working for certain hardware configurations, but changing wallpaper and setting up a screensaver isn't particularly troublesome.

Hmm, unfortunately, that directory does not exist in /home/dsl.  The themes directory is loaded into opt/icewm/share/themes and files there can't be seem to be "edited" even from root.  I understand why, so i guess for me to add a line to the theme file in the desired theme would be impossible.
Please don't send me PMs with technical questions. I won't answer them. In this case the thread is already here and I'm already posting to it, so I'm making an exception.

The directory does not exist in /home/dsl because you haven't created it yet. Use the command "mkdir -p /home/dsl/.icewm/themes" to create it (the -p option also creates .icewm if it doesn't already exist). After that, copy the directory of your desired theme from /opt/icewm/themes to /home/dsl/.icewm/themes. Then copy the image you like into that theme's directory. You could either replace the existing background image (if one exists), or just change the filename listed in default.theme.
For example, if the file says:
either name your liquidglass.jpg to background.jpg or change the line in default.theme to:
I think you could also use a full path to liquidglass.jpg if the file already exists elsewhere on your system and you don't want to have duplicate files, but I haven't tried it.

I'm going to assume that "exec xscreensaver $" is *not* the actual command you used. It was most likely "exec xscreensaver &".  In any case, there are at least a couple of possible reasons for failure.
The command has to be somewhere above the part of the script that starts the window manager, or it won't start when you want it to. If you add it to the end of the script, the window manager will run, and when you close the window manager xscreensaver will then try to run.
Since the command has to run before the window manager, you must remove the "exec" part. If exec is there, the script runs xscreensaver as a replacement to itself, and never gets to the part where it runs the window manager.
It could be that neither of these relate to your problem, but we won't know until you post exactly what file you edited, the exact command used, and where the command was added.

EDIT: lucky13, if an IceWM theme sets a background image, setting it in .xinitrc won't help. It's the same as with Fluxbox, which also can overwrite a previously set root window.

Thanks, and I won't PM:-)  I usually run Kubunty 7.04, so in that regards, the graphical format of changing settings is "easier."  DSL is better if I can get it to run because it is so "thrifty" on resources.

.xinitrc file.  I added the xscreensaver -nosplash & to the top.  I stuck bsetbg /home/dsl/.fluxbox/backgrounds/glass.jpg at the end, logged out and then in and the wallpaper is there now.  Also, when I start xscreensaver from the menu, it no longer tells me that daemon is not started, so I assume it is started.  I am putting my file here so that it might help others:

# put X windows programs that you want started here.
# Be sure to add at the end of each command the &

KEYTABLE="$(getknoppixparam.lua KEYTABLE)"
DESKTOP="$(getoption.lua $HOME/.desktop wm)"
ICONS="$(getoption.lua $HOME/.desktop icons)"
xscreensaver -nosplash &
umix -lf .umix 2>/dev/null

# For non-US Keyboards
if [ ${KEYTABLE:0:2} != "us" ]; then
 xmodmap -e "clear Mod4" -e "add Mod5 = Mode_switch" &

#if egrep -qv noicons /proc/cmdline 2>/dev/null; then
if [ "$ICONS" == 1 ]; then
 for x in `ls -1 .xtdesktop/*.hide 2>/dev/null`; do rm -f ${x%.*}; done
 iconsnap.lua &>/dev/null &
dillo /usr/share/doc/dsl/getting_started.html &>/dev/null &
torsmo 2>/dev/null &
case $DESKTOP in
 fluxbox )
   fluxter &>/dev/null &
   wmswallow -geometry 70x80 docked  docked.lua &
   exec fluxbox 2>/dev/null  
 jwm )
   sleep 2
   exec jwm 2>/dev/null
 exec /opt/icewm/starticewm 2>/dev/null
 * )
   exec fluxbox 2>/dev/null

bsetbg /home/dsl/.fluxbox/backgrounds/glass.jpg

icewm is not a DSL application. It is a MyDSL extension.
This topic has been moved to the Window Manager MyDSL extension area.
when I start xscreensaver from the menu, it no longer tells me that daemon is not started, so I assume it is started.

Adding -nosplash runs it without the pop up. Leave it be for however long you've set your time out and you'll see that it works.

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