Window Mangers :: Fluxbox 0.9.11-1sarge0

The fluxbox in sarge repo is way better. The tranparency is so koool.
Here's a pic->

Fluxbox devel is also twice the size and uses much more ram&cpu than flux stable.
There are fluxbox 0.9.11 and 0.9.14 extensions in the myDSL repository.

Hmmm, My ram use is still the same as it was. ???
Okay mikshaw, Im playing with your 0.9.14 fluxbox on dsl 2.4. It's pretty damn good. The only thing is the center part(icon bar) of the toolbar stays solid till i open a app then it will go translucent. You got any ideas on a fix? I would take a screen shot for you but like i said it works when i have a app open.

Okay got a pic from desk 2->

As far as I know, the toolbar needs a reason to redraw before transparency changes will be seen.  I can't say from experience, but my guess is that if you backup and restore /home/dsl/.fluxbox/init once the transparency has been applied, it will be applied immediately from now on.  I don't generally use transparency in the toolbar, so i don't know for sure.
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