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I like the drawer dock and can change the direction it opens but can not replace the question marks with the icons this possible and if so how do I do it...thanks.
..would also like to know if I can turn off the stats in the right top.

Ok..great dock application...included lists require some modification..icons need to be checked for caps and format..paths must be checked...but is easily modified once this is understood.."h"...home/dsl/wmdrawer
I think the filenames of DSL's icons were changed since this mydsl package was built, so that could explain why you'd need to edit the config.
that seems you know if there is an easy way to turn off the stats on the topright of the screen..torsmo seems to do it..I moved the executable to another directory I created called hold and it removed it but not sure this is best...when I move it back and restart it appears.
torsmo is started from /home/dsl/.xinitrc.  Remove or comment the line "torsmo 2>/dev/null &".
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