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Is there any way to use Enlightenment with DSL? Thx for any information!
I've managed to compile and install e16, but have never bothered with e17, because it's still in the pre-alpha stage, and there's the usual risk that current cvs won't work. You might be best finding a .deb package for it, from somewhere.
I went and got the Debian packages at (well, at the mirrors, since it's down) and loaded them up using dpkg.  Works like magic!
How would i got about installing it?
I'm a command line junkie, so...  I went over to and searched for enlightenment.  Then I downloaded a BUTTLOAD of dependent packages along with enlightenment itself.  Then all I had to do was dpkg -i packagename.deb and it was a done deal.  

Just don't worry so much about all the dependent packages for the epplets.  For some odd reason, installing the four available enlightenment theme packages gave me all the epplets without meeting the dependencies for the epplets package itself.  My guess is that those dependencies are not required for the epplets as much as to compile them from source.  For those familiar with rpm packages, I know you've seen that before.  Guess Debian isn't so much smarter than Redhat afterall.

Fear nothing.  It works.  I started by only downloading the enlightenment package and doing a dpkg -i on it.  That gave me a couple dependencies to start with.  I got those, then their dependencies, then...  It may take an hour to setup, but it's worth it.


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