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On starting icewm the desktop icons blink and disappear. The same happens with some applications startet from the menu, eg. cdw. How can I change this behaver?

I believe the IceWM myDSL packages are broken.  I haven't yet checked to see what the exact problem is, but several people have had  icon troubles after running it.
You can copy the files from /etc/skel/.xtdesktop (as root) to /home/dsl/.xtdesktop (and change ownership of the files to dsl.staff), and maybe they will display, but i can't say for sure if it will fix it.

I'm downloading all 3 versions of icewm now, to hopefully see what the problem is myself.

EDIT:  Both icewm-full.dsl and icewm2.dsl are broken, at least for recent versions of DSL.  They both contain the file /home/dsl/.xtdesktop/xterm.lnk, which points to a non-existent image file.  Delete that lnk file (xterm.lnk, not Xterm.lnk) and you should get your icons back.

CAUTION:  All three packages overwrite .xinitrc, which in DSL2.x has a much larger role in the way DSL behaves.  Installing any of these icewm packages may cause failure of the new desktop switching feature, and possibly other troubles.
Both of the *.dsl packages overwrite .bashrc, which in my opinion is another horrible idea....don't be surprised if you run into some other troubles.
icewm-full.dsl overwrites .xtdeskrc...i couldn't say if that will be an issue, but i do know it will make the default icon system behave a little differently.

While I've had arguments about whether or not overwriting personal files is ethical behavior for a software package, people do it....i just want to remind people to use caution when they install any software.

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