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Free web proxies


??? i do not know


???what means free web proxies

They could be used to go around a block like Juanito's.
Quote (kuky @ June 09 2008,21:19)
@ jaapz

You are a man of little faith but your skills were saving you...(DSl bible genesis 10-14)

I'm a webdesigner myself, so i know how to work with (x)HTML, CSS , PHP. And i know how to make sites compatible in all browsers.

if you put the support i put the first photos...and begin the legend...

how i can send the jpgs...

pdta. can you solve to make the ciberbrewery ?

beers to jaazp

ciberbrewery sounds like a nice project, ill keep that in mind. im too busy with school (sort of exams-week) and a website, and also maybe we are getting started with a new site for DSL, so the ciberbrewery is going into the list of projects, on top of it :)

oh and on making your own sites, never start with a wysiwyg (what u see is what u get) editor, i started with it, in the end i just stepped off it cos learning HTML at once is way better, it made me way harder to learn HTML cos of the wysiwyg editor

beers to kuky ;)

thanks curaga, if i understand if i redirect to

link to freedom (web of course)


juanito can see the pictures.....

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