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I really like the "blackout" theme with the ripples - I did not find the ripples wallpaper jpg online as yet - did you post the jwm file for this?

(note: third one down at

That theme is in the extension Robert put together with the theme changer. There are also variations of it with cyan, red, and green.
Ah, sorry - missed that.

Before I get too tangled up in trying, can it be used with jwm in dsl-3.4.x?

I think that older version doesn't handle gradients or INCLUDE tags, which Robert's theme switcher uses to factor out the theme area (setup script) and the separate config file used for the themes called by jwmrc. I could be wrong and 3.x may have the newer version that allows INCLUDE and/or can at least handle gradients.

If I'm right, though, you can still take the code, choose a tone where there are two with a colon between them, and insert manually.

JWM in v3.4.x is v0.24 heavily modified by me. It does not include the Include tag
JWM in v4.x is v2.0 and is larger in size and capability, and not modified.

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