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I meant a check at the time you click the menuitem to implement the new theme, after installation is complete. But I guess it wouldn't really matter much either way if the worst case scenario of a person forgetting the engine would just be using some default widgets.

Though something occurred to me..if a person's just casually going to be looking for some new eye candy, are they really going to be motivated to individually install all 30 themes just to find one they want? Perhaps a good way to do it would be to have a big uber-package of all of them for your casual eye candy hunter AND individual extensions for each one, so when a person finds the theme they want they can go back to mydsl and get just that one and discard the uberpackage, thus keeping their system a nice small size.

I meant a check at the time you click the menuitem to implement the new theme
well, that COULD be done if I was using the menu/icon to apply a theme, but I'm not.  That would require writing a tool that is already available as switch.dsl (which also previews the theme and applies the changes to currently opened applications).  If you do not want to use switch, applying the theme is a simple matter of either including the theme from within ~/.gtkrc or replacing ~/.gtkrc with a link to the theme.  Some things are just too simple to spend extra time and effort making them more click-friendly =o) (and filling up the menu/desktop with multiple objects).
Gtk2 themes would be a different story, but so far I dislike the process too much to even bother with gtk2 themes. They dropped the module_path specification for some reason, so engines must be installed to a particular directory...kinda dumb if you ask me, moving backward in flexibility while increasing the system demands. And Gtk2 isn't even an improvement visually as far as I'm concerned...but that's a rant for a different thread...

Your suggestion of the uber-package is one I'd considered, though I hadn't thought about the users' motivations beyond mere convenience.  Maybe it would want a small screenshot included for each theme, or one shot containing all themes, to ease the decision making process.

I'm still hoping to find out what the issue is with Gtk's pixmap engine in DSL, considering most available themes use it.

Have now found 48 decent themes that work in DSL, not including the handful that are so similar to the default that they aren't worth packaging, and several that just didn't appeal to me. Still have had no luck getting the pixmap engine working, and haven't found any useful info online.  Themes that set pixmaps directly seem to have no trouble, so there must be an issue with DSL's Gtk....maybe one or more libs was compiled without pixmap support?
In any case, most Gtk themes available online use the pixmap engine, which makes finding good themes for DSL a bit of an annoyance.

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