System :: xorg72.uci and nvidia proprietary driver

Is the nvidia module you're trying to load a kernel module or a video driver?
I don't know what the difference is between a kernel module and a driver. It requires the kernel headers to build, so i assume it's a kernel module.
If it is a kernel module you could place it in ../mydsl/modules to be loaded at boot.
Already doing that. DSL loads it, but Xorg can't find it.
I tried running mkwriteable and adding it to /lib/modules/2.4.31/kernel/drivers/video, as it was originally installed, but still van't find it.

I'm getting the feeling that all those other files are necessary.  I'm going to try rebuilding it and try again with the proper module path in xorg.conf, *before* rebooting into a "clean" system. I believe that's one thing I haven't tried yet, considering I think it's useless if I can't make it persistent.

Is it sensitive to the particular version of Xorg/XFree86? The driver has to speak to XOrg's ABI and that could change with versions.
I doubt that very much. I don't believe nvidia would waste time doing anything that specific. Besides, the very same driver works on Xorg in Slackware.

I'm going to temporarily call this a situation in which I did not do all obvious steps in debugging.  I have to assume for now that there are more files needed beyond just the nvidia.o file, and build the thing again.

Besides, the very same driver works on Xorg in Slackware.

- if you didn't already, it might be worth having a look at Xorg.0.log from this system to see what got loaded. I guess there might be both a kernel module and an xorg video module to be loaded?

Yeah, both are needed. The kernel side handles DRM and other 3d stuff, the xorg side does the rest.
Thanks for the responses.  I have been off the puter since that last post until just a few minutes ago, so haven't tried rebuilding the module yet.  I'll have to make sure I backup all created files this time so I hopefully won't have to build it again.

I'll post whatever results I get here, as they occur.

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