this is my second attempt with DSL. last time I gave up.
anyway, I did install DSL on my PC and now I am trying to install the core gnu utils. I did download usind the mydsl extensions menu option.

then I check my bin folder, the commands are still pointing to busybox.
1) why is that?  
2) do I have to install it or does the mydsl extension option install it automatically after it has downloaded?
3) I even tried to install it myself, using "mydsl load ...", still when I looked at the bin directory commands using ls -l, they are still pointing to busybox....
4) does that gnu-core utils install menu option really work ?

I must also add that I have already done a hard disk install of DSL and it seems to be working. However I want to download the gnu core utils, because I want to learn how to use them.

also can someone pls let me know where can I get the documentation manual and how to install them?

the gnu core utils are in tmp/mydsl directory. How do I get them installed permanently and overwrite all the busybox commands.

Any idea anyone ?

thank you

Did you get the .unc or the .dsl? The .unc will not work with hard drive installs, but the .dsl will.

Also, when you install .dsl and .tar.gz extensions to a HD install, they are permanent, so they do not have to be loaded on boot and you can remove them from /tmp after loading them. .uci's are not permanent, so they have to be kept around if you want to use the extension.

If you're talking about coreutils.uci, that package does not *replace* the existing commands like gnu-utils.dsl does. Therefore you must either use a full path to the command you want, or add /opt/coreutils to the beginning of your PATH variable.

The first thing a user should do when running into problems with a mydsl package is to read the associated info file. This file should contain directions for anything special you may need to do beyond simply click-and-run

Hi curaga,

i did download thegnu_utils .dsl file..

Hi Mikshaw,
the and files don't have any instructions in there.
it'sjust about title

change log, history, no instructions in there.
actually that was the first thing I did check

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