System :: 2.4.31 'kernelsource' and "linux-kernel-headers"

Has anybody packaged the kernel sources for version 2.4.31?

I'd like to try and compile drivers for my Encore wireless pcmcia card and think I may need kernelsource.dsl and linux-kernel-headers.dsl in the correct version for dsl4.1

I've read that these two packages are strip-downs from the Knoppix kernel sources.  Is it possible for a newbie like me to help create the packages for 2.4.31 and submit them to the MyDsl repertory?

This is my first time building a driver for any Linux distribution... any helpful feedback would be appreciated.


It's the same since the 2.x-2.1b versions, so check [mirror]/archive/sources-2.1
Afaik tarball is just a copy of the vanilla source, so you'll have to manually extract that somewhere, apply the patch and use that config as a base.
I guess the one in /current should be changed as only the RC's used that.

The 2.4.31 kernel is posted in the download current/kernel/ directory
Should be on all mirrors for example:

hm, my bad - I guess that was just from my cache.
Thanks Robert,

I've downloaded them and am reading the documentation to get started.

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