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Hey...I just loaded 7.2 (with some problems because of a checksum error) but though I got it. Now I'm standing in front of the problem with an empty xorg.conf. What do I have to write there. And Is everything already ready when the files are still in /opt/xorg72 or do I have to copy them somewhere?
Do "xorg -configure", it will auto-configure you one in the current directory and you can then move it to /etc/X11/ as xorg.conf and then edit if it needs more editing..
xorg -configure does nothing when I tip it
It's supposed to only blink the screen and if you type "ls" you see a new file
Curaga - if we are speaking of the 27MB(?) version you posted, I'm not sure that xorg -configure works. I could be wrong, but I believe it might need the 47MB version ^hats^ was working on?
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