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I am sure someone already have tackled this problem, so here it comes: is there a myDSL package for LIRC?

If not, then what should I do to create it? Specifically: what are the changes that deb to dsl path would work for LIRC, and if yes, which Debian release should I take?

If not, what documents should I read as a (possible) developer?

I really hope that someone has tackled this problem -- if not, I am afraid that installing Debian and pruning it to get a small memory / hard disk footprint might be easier...


irda works with DSL and the modules are already present. If you search on LIRC, I'm pretty sure there were a couple of posts about it - I believe you should be able to install LIRC using apt-get from oldstable.
I won't be too much help here other than to say that I've installed the latest stable version of lirc on dsl 3.2.

I did this on two systems. The first I spent a great deal of time trying to get things working and this mean building, uninstalling and changing settings and recompiling and reinstalling. I figured out my problem and got it working great. I then tried to replicate this on a second system and while the installation went smoothly, I am having problems with it. It is hyperactive in IR response.

Take this for what its worth, some guides I found at the ubuntu forums were quite useful and applicable to installation, but I can't tell you what to do because I'm actually stuck with my own problem at the moment.

hello there,
I compiled a LIRC package ready for use with a serial homebrew receiver on my epia 5000 box. Works a treat. I can make it available to you. I have little experience in building mydsl packages so I didn't want to submit it to the wider community in fear of being flamed out of the water.
Let me know if you're interested.

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