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The extra_modules are not mydsl extensions, that is why they are not located in the repository. The reason for this, is that typically, one would need only one to two of said modules.

The mechanism for auto loading modules is to place individual modules in the modules directory which is located under the mydsl directory. Then upon boot each module found in .../mydsl/modules/ will be insmod'ed at boot.

Of course one can also use /opt/ for finer control of module handling.

can u please give an example on what to put in ths in modules directory?
Theory is good, but examples are better

Anyway, I can manually copy this two modules in the above mentioned directories and add them to /opt/.filetool.lst so they'll go in backup.
Then put
modprobe videodev
modprobe stv680

but can I put
update-modules in /opt/ ?

Another problem is that videodev and stv680 modules in dsl-3.4.11 where automatically loaded when needed, now it seems I have to manually load them

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The auto scanned modules directory has been around since v3.2 see Notes section of the website.

An example was posted in 4.2.5 release candidate section. I am copying it here:


The easy way is to make a modules directory under your mydsl directory and copy there so you end up with mydsl/modules/sg.o

Then reboot and module will be auto loaded just like an extension.
This will only be necessary in the short term as this module will be back in the next cut of DSL v4.3.

Because I have to support both legacy and unionfs, the auto scanned module will be insmod and not modprobed. So YMMV, could be just need the right combination  and order of modules that insmod would suffice. Otherwise, the manual method as you have done will be necessary.

Alternately the said extension could be rebuilt with the necessary modules included and insmod'ed in the correct order.

In fact, if indeed, a tiny core, will ever succeed one needs to become familiar with this process.

Including every conceivable module, even when rarely needed just consumes too much space.

so, I placed stv680.o and videodev.o in mydsl/modules/ directory, and I can see they are loaded in the boot process, but then issuing lsmod I can't see the stv680 module loaded, I think cause it must be loaded after the videodev one.

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I hear you. The hassle is because I am still supporting legacy style booting.
If I wasn't then I could be using modprobe in the auto boot loader and life would be good. But I have too many users still using legacy to drop its support.

What happens if you rename videodev.o to 01-videodev.o so that it is insmod'ed first? I know it is a kludge but this is what I have to work with.
That is why I stated YMMV and that your manual via /opt/ is likely best for your situation.

With the new version of DSL I won't be faced with the hassle of trying to support legacy style booting.

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