Net :: perl modules for networking

I eventually wrote myself a perl programme for building UDP packets.
But if IO::Socket module is available in Perl version provided by DSL, I am now missing Net::FTP and Net::Telnet for new developpements.
As getting a Sarge or Etch perl is not that easy starting from DSL 3.2, I'd like to know if any of the dsl package would induce the availability of these modules?

I'm not sure there is a myDSL package, but you might find what you're looking for on the Knoppix 3.4 CD - if so, you can copy straight across to DSL.

Since DSL has a "stripped" version of Perl 5.8.0 (and somehow not recognised by apt-get), you might be better to compile a full version from a binary and then add the modules from cpan if they're not already there.

I have been through several mirrors of knoppix and could not find any old version. Where is the archive?
You just have to find obscure sites :P

As for perl modules, you can just download a 5.8 binary package and just take out whichever modules you need and test them out.  This is probably easier than playing with apt. (seems you posted in and;st=0 )

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