Net :: Installing hsfmodem.dsl on DSL

Hi, how do you install the hsfmodem.dsl extension on DSL?
The extension can be loaded like any other from the right-click menu - did you have a look at the info file?

Once loaded, enter "modprobe /dev/ttySHSF" as root from a terminal window and the modem should be assigned to device /dev/ttySHSF0

Hi, I have tried loading the extension using the myDSC Extension Tool, then clicking on 'Load Local', but it does not then show up in the menu; any help here?  I also have a problem with DSL where it seems to delete any files which I may put on the hard disk, after a reboot, including any extensions I may try to load.
Assuming you have downloaded hsfmodem.dsl to your machine, the you can open a terminal window and issue the following command to load the extension:

mydsl-load /path-to-file/hsfmodem.dsl

As for DSL deleting your files, I would guess they are maybe on /ramdisk/tmp or /tmp rather than on your hd?

I'm getting the error 'You must be logged in as user "dsl" to install a myDSL extension.'

I use the 'login' command for this?  I can't remember inputting a password, so what might it be, and how could I reset it?  Thank you.

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