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i'm running DSL on an old dell optiplex p3 800mhz 128mb ram and 10hdd
i started with monkey and had this same problem, but seeign the monkey bug reports i thought i would just change to apache, i get the same problem

Problem: computers on the network can access the webserver, but computers outsideof the network can't.

other facts: i'm accessing the webserver via a dyndns forwarder even on my lan computers, so i enter
the first thing that came to mind was the router not forwarding the port, but i tested this, and removing my port forward from the router does in fact stop the webserver from responding on the dyndns address.
so i have to port forwarded, i can access it in a lan, but i can't access it from the internet...
netstat -nl shows that DSL is listening on
(sshd works over the net as does ftpd)

anyone got any ideas on what could be happening here? i had a browse thru the conf files but i can't seem to find anything


Might be totally off track but...

Do you have dyndns pointing to your internal ip address?  Your router, if it has dhcp enabled, will assign an address that's good on your home network ( my router assigns addresses that start with  You want to have dyndns reroute to your external ip address. The one assigned to your router by your internet provider.  

Just a thought

This doesn't seem to be an apache problem...

Some things to consider:
- before using dns, I'd just suggest testing with your host/wan/internet IP in some web browser
- firewall anywhere?

yeah i have dyndns pointing to my external address, using the dyndns updater software on my desktop to keep it up to date..

it works with my ssh, ftp, and vent servers

it only seems to happen with http
did it with both monkey and apache.

it's a little difficult to test it from outside of the network, so i'll get back to you on that one, and unless DSL has a firewall i don't know about, then there shouldn't be one apart from the SPI firewall on the router.

thanx for the ideas so far.


well it looks like the problem is either the router or my ISP, i did some fiddling around and it seems that my router's remote management page won't actually load up either (regardless of what port i try to put it on; tested 80, 8080, 44444, 8090; using the external IP.. only http gets stuck though...)

i'm still stumped as to whats going on here, but looks like nothing to do with anything on my DSL box, so thanx for the help anyway, and if you've got any other ideas, i'll be glad to hear them..


Hm, you could ask your ISP, as I know some block http requests (filtering of some sort) to prevent webservers.
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