Net :: installing an email-account ....

Hi toghether,

first many thanks für DSL !!!!!

installing the my email-account, the key for @ shows no reaction.
what is to do?

thank you for the tip

helmuth :D

Did you change your keymap (see DSLPanel) ?
Unfortunately I have noticed a similar problem. It is sometimes not enough to just change the keyboard (and restarting X) with the control panel. In order to make the change persistent (when using frugal) you have to add the file
to the filetool list of files to save.
Otherwise some programs (firefox among others) will not recognise the @ key (I use a swedish keyboard layout and had similar problems as helmuth) and you have to reselect the keyboard at every startup.
Mayby this file should be in the default filetool.lst file ?

original here.