Net :: Printing pb because of amsn-tcltk-0.95-ver3.dsl

When i install amsn-tcltk-0.95-ver3.dsl, write access for Other is disabled on /ramdisk/tmp Because of this i can't print then.

Any ideas why? workarounds?

It could easily have been broken by an incorrectly built myDSL extension.

sudo chmod 777 /ramdisk/tmp

Thanks mikshaw for your answer.

What I'd like to know is:
- Is it possible to fix this extension and how?
- Why write access for Other on /ramdisk/tmp is needed for printing?

Btw, if clivesay read this topic, the printerhowto.pdf should be updated: it isn't necessary to modify filetool.lst for those using the backup/restore feature. When one use the Printer Setup of the control panel and then reboot  a pop-up asks you if you want to save the printer settings.

It's possible to fix, but first you need to know which extension is causing the trouble.  If an extension includes the /tmp directory (it shouldn't), and that directory is mode 755 or 775 (typical directory permissions), the directory will overwrite the system /tmp directory and break permissions. System temp directories should be 777 so any user can write to it.

If your extension is *.dsl or *.tar.gz you can see what files are in it by using the command "tar -tzf filename".
It may have "tmp/", but it should NOT have just "tmp".

I don't know for sure why printing needs a temp file, but it might be creating a postscript file from the source file before printing. In any case, your tmp directory needs fixing if any user has trouble writing to it.

OK, i fixed it:

- First, i grabbed last version of amsn-tcltk-0.95 (amsn-tcltk-0.95-ver4.dsl) there:

- Then, i extracted the files from it:
tar -zxvf amsn-tcltk-0.95-ver4.dsl

- Write access for Other on /tmp was set

- Finally, i compressed the files:
tar -czvf amsn-tcltk-0.95-ver4-fixed.dsl --numeric-owner *

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