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It looks like it's just been split from the mplayer binary codec package.  You could easily repackage that into one big .uci

It was probably split because it is relatively large... (~10mb bzip2).  I would agree that having one separate extension containing all of them would be convenient for some (like what codecpak was for).  But there also could be situations where users do not need all those codecs (ie I mostly only use libavcodec).  I'd probably vote for 2 extensions.

mplayer-1.0pre8.uci was compiled against Kent's codecpak.dsl and looks for codecs there.   Should work with that installed.  That's been removed?

The wip update uci was built against a single codepak.uci containing all the codecs, and also contains its own updated SDL.   I kept notes. But sdl doesn't work there either, at least without XFree86.   I notice it also contains the GPAC media framework, so can create proper mp4 containers.

There's shenanigans involved in getting everything pointed at everything else correctly - anon / stupid_idiot could have some valuable info there.

I'm going to have to put aside some hours to rebuild this thing, but I have my notes with all configure options etc recorded so it would be a question of downloading and updating all the sources and compiling away.  No doubt would run into a few problems since the sources have all moved on since then.

I don't know if anon would like to re-build his into a single uci - his  philosophy there seemed to be different, about modularizing all the bits as small as possible (are u out here stupid_idiot?).  Whereas I basically want to load one or two at most ucis and have a big media kit for doing things with mplayer/mencoder/transcode/ffmpeg.

But if people are going to help test it that would be a motivator.

What I should try to do is at least strip and tidy up what I have, repack the ucis and post those to the repo.  That would still be an improvement on mplayer1.0pre8.uci for now, while not being quite as up to date as stupid_idiot's mplayer.

Meanwhile I can try to recompile with updated sources.  

Is this a good idea?

(Posting just before I go to work. Won't be coming on until the next weekend.)
I will try to find time over the next 2 weekends to work on MPlayer and friends. I should have some free time then.

Re: shared ffmpeg
If I remember correctly, I ran into many problems building with shared ffmpeg. I like shared ffmpeg though because it is a space-saver. If I have free time, I'd like to work out the problems and post them here.

Mplayer folks recommend against using a shared ffmpeg, they have modified their internal version a bit
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