Multimedia :: Command line webcam capture?

Just get the 2.4.31 kernel source and put it into /usr/src/linux, then get a compiling extension and go for it..
I have done some kernel compiling in the past, but compiling kernels for DSL seems a bridge to far for me. I am using small embedded devices.. there i no way I could compile a kernel on such a machine.. so I assume I would have to do it on a different machine, and then somehow transfer the result to my dsl box.. but how? What files? Could you give me a few more pointers?
Another option would be using a different webcam that is supported by DSL.. the philips ones are support but without the decompressor.. really to bad :(
Anyone knows of a webcam that works without kernel recompiling?

Well, that driver must not have been in the 2.4.31 kernel.
If you have the driver source that works with 2.4 kernels, you would:
- get the 2.4.31 source and unpack in /usr/src/linux
- get gcc1-with-libs and gcc2.95 (the kernel was compiled with gcc 2.95)
- and now, as you have the same compiler, you can compile only the module you need, and copy that to your DSL installation

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