Multimedia :: installed k3b and system hanging

Quote (lucky13 @ Dec. 28 2007,08:24)
For future reference, you can edit grub before you actually boot. Read the information below the boot options (e.g., e to edit).

I knew that :)

Just forgot in the panic, sitting in the doctor's waiting room lunching off their open Linksys wireless (They knew, I offered to lock it down for them, and pointed out that they may be in HIPAA violation).
Adding "base norestore" would do the trick to skip MyDSL and your backup.

Got to remember this one.  I did not get this on "base" reading the wiki cheatcode page...
If you're using frugal install, it's very easy to remove MyDSL extensions because they should be in one file in one directory instead of stretched out across various directories.

Well there is also a bit of cleanup in /home/dsl in 2 different places.

It might help you to read the boot options in F2 and F3, too. The base cheatcode is listed there. I don't know what you mean by cleanup in ~/, but there should only be config files there.

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