Multimedia :: mplayer-1.0pre8cvs.uci with alsa

mplayer-1.0pre8cvs.uci togheter with alsa drivers.
mplayer gives error on audio.
Useing  mplayer.unc there are no problems.

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1.  What have you got selected in the gui under preferences->audio ?

2.  What exactly does the error say?

If you are there?  jls_legalize:  I didn't compile mplayer-1.0pre8cvs uci with alsa support.

This can be seen by typing
Code Sample
mplayer -ao help

The extension alsa-oss_1.0.9rc4.dsl, which I've just posted to the repo, enables many apps without alsa support to use alsa's oss emulaltion instead.

Unfortunately, this does not work with mplayer-1.0pre8cvs.uci.

I'll try to build the next mplayer uci with alsa support.

original here.