Multimedia :: Installing ALSA; mydsl versus apt-get

Hi all,

I realise this is a hoary subject :)

I have an NEC 2560CD (not my primary machine) that I was given for my daughter (who is five and wants me to paint the machine pink!).

I've installed DSL 3.0.1 - very nice. Runs well. Video is fine, touchpad works. Though the machine has only 48Mb RAM and a 150MMX chip, speed is more than acceptable.

So, I know the sound chip is identified as es1688 (and was detected by ALSA when I initially installed Vector Linux), but it was not detected on start up in DSL.

I'm aware I need ALSA and have read through some of the posts on the site.

After checking out MyDSL Extensions, the alsadebs.dsl info page tells me I need to use the "dsl alsa" boot command.

1. This is a HDD install and I'm not sure how to actually execute that option as I'm only given the option of 'user name' and 'password' at boot.

2. I've noticed some people recommending installing APT and then apt-get'ing ALSA and so would appreciate some advice as to current thinking about this as against the MyDSL option.

Apologies if I've missed a post that already answered any of these questions (I'd be happy with being provided the URL if so).



Footnote: Recommendations for paint? Modelling paint? :))

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