Multimedia :: ogg123 device mystery

Hello, I just installed DSL and love it. I want a command line ogg streamer and all I have found is ogg123. The problem is that it just does not want to stream anything. It almost starts and then, during buffering, it complains that the device can't open the stream.

I have a VIA C3 board with stock audio, 128 ram, 512 hd cf-ide install. XMMS works, but I really want to use a command line ogg streamer.

Has anyone gotten ogg123 to work??? How did you do it?


You could try running XMMS in command mode. I remember seeing a plugin for XMMS that does this kind of thing. You'll probably have to create a mydsl.dsl extention to have it work in DSL.

Don't ask me how. I'm not that proficient in DSL yet.

Good luck ???

original here.