Multimedia :: after installing extensions , mpg video amesses up

my first post. I love this distro.
Im using a Compaq Presario 1200 with it and its juicy!
but after installing some extensions ( I will get the list soon ), xmms couldnīt find 'Xvideo' extension for display 0:0 anymore. As a result, all the colors in the video playbacks became messed-up. Why?

some of the extensions:
quake2 , lxdoom, gimp , gcc-with-libs, lame , inkscape (didnīt worked) , SDL , stella, xdrum (love it!) , monkey-audio. i will get a better list soon (my notebook still offline)

and hey, is there any FM better than Emel? Im sure it is a swiss knife, but its very boring...

Hey first off is xmms showing mpgs as very snowy? if so I had this same thing happen. It ended up sorta fixing itself?? Oneday it just started working again. But while It was broken I Downloaded Mplayer from the multimedia repository

original here.