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I remember seeing a list somewhere. Here is one that I found, but there may be some better ones:


in that list you can see the webcams suported by the spca5xx driver, but this driver is not in the last DSL version.
I'm trying to set up an old Pentium MMX 166Mhz. 422HD, 38MB RAM with DSL instaled in HD. as a webcam server to control some instalations. I tryed a creative notebook PD1171 webcam and a pixart imaging webcam and none of them works.
they need the spca5xx driver but I have been not able to compile this driver(I think theres something to do with the compiler in DSL).
any help about brands of webcams that works with DSL or how to install the driver will be very appreciate.

I just got a super-cheap (~4$!) Sonix VGA Ov7630 type USB webcam up and running on an a freebie 300 MHz laptop. My version of DSL (3.4 i think) uses  the 2.4.26 kernel, so I used spca5xx.o as mentioned here;st=0

The motion.dsl from MyDSL installed ok, but didn't run. It looked like it was configured for someone else's exact CPU type. So I recompiled motion after configing using --without-optimizecpu :

./configure  --without-optimizecpu

Which allowed me to run the resulting motion executable on other PCs with DSL.

(I ran into a similar issue for Mplayer using the mplayer.dsl from MyDSL: it too had been compiled for a specific CPU. I recompiled it after configuring it like:

./configure --enable-runtime-cpudetection   --disable-ssse3

Which made it happy on other CPUs than the specific one for which it was compiled.)

Many thanks to all the fine folks that made DSL happen!

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