Multimedia :: video blogging and DSL HFS+ hard drive mounting

Question one: Is anyone currently using their older computer for video blogging?
I just did a DSL forums search for "video" and "casting" and didn't get what I wanted.

I love DSL for other things, and I only have 128 mb of ram, but if someone was doing video casting with a similar set-up I would be curious. I would be dropping it onto my computer via USB (no fire wirewire on my computer currently)  I currently have a Digital8 Sony camera with USB out and Firewire out--this is what I would use.

If anyone has minimal suggestions for hardware, I would be curious. I don't plan on doing hi quality video, just 2minute snippets. I am use to iMovie, but would like to see if I could swing it all via Linux and DSL. But if y'all perspective is that this would take hours and hours of configuring...
I have a USB on my laptop, but no firewire.

If I get this going, I will be creating an FAQ on it for sure.

Question 2:  I have a HFS+ hard drive (MAC OSX), I am not able to mount it or read it on my DSL laptop currently. What applet would I need to be able to mount it on on my DSL system(and use it instead of  a measley 5 gig hard drive on my laptop )

Again, thanks ahead of time...

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