Gtk2 :: Newbie: How to compile my GTK code?

I think the vanilla fltk distribution is only c++, but I've barely begun with programming outside of interpreted stuff like lua so I can't say for certain.
i have send for some weeks how to reinstall the dev environnement into a dsl distry and how to make a remaster complitly dsl with debian packages.
It works well and the "cost " is about 20 megs uncompressed and 5  to 10 megs after mkisofs...anyway after remasterizd you have the possibility to uninstall the dev environnement.
Anyway, like you, i have also some pblms with gtk...

Hi all, Wish u a very happy new year 2007,
I have developed some GUI application using Gtk+ using Glade on the Red Hat Linux PC. Now I want to port it to DSL.
Do you know what changes are required so that i can run the same application on the DSL? Can u suggest me the changes required for that?

original here.