Gtk2 :: Autmatically run as well as load GTK2

I have DSL as my default OS on my computer.  Yeah:-)  Debian "Knoppix HD install" is my second and windows 2000 is my last.  I am looking never to buy a windows OS again... ever!

Okay, on with my question.

I have many GTK2 dependent programs.  I would ideally like it to "update" itself on starting DSL as it already "loads" itself from its mydsl directory.  Is there a means to do this?  It is kind of a pain every time I want to use firefox 1.5 or thunderbird to have to do this, although it isn't THAT big of a deal.  

If not, where is the execution file stored so I can make a desktop icon using the icontool to link it?

I believe the gtk2*.dsl extension acts like any other, and just use the standard mydsl autoload features.
After installing gtk2, look in /home/dsl/.fluxbox/
You should see the command to enable gtk2 in curly brackets.
I have never see what it is, but my guess is that it is a sudo command.
Add that command, without "sudo", to /opt/ if you use the backup/restore system.  If you don't use backup/restore, but have a persistent home, add the command, including "sudo", to /home/dsl/.bash_profile (before "startx").

Cool beans!  Works great!  Thank you much, and I also added a line in the file you mentioned to run script that loads a driver for my sound card.  :-)

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