Gtk2 :: defomized font package?

I get this error about not having any "defomized font packages" being installed and something being forced.  My GTK2 dependent apps work fine in DSL, but this error hangs my shutdown process for a minute.
You could kill the process before/during the shutdown scripts.

Not sure about that "defomized font packages" though - looks like something to do with Pango/xfont...
Do get something like
*** You don't have any defomized font packages.
*** So we are trying to force to generate pangox.aliases...

Yes, that is exactly the message I get.  How do I kill that process before shutdown?
I'm guessing you could kill all your gtk2 dependent apps first?
Also, the "generate pangox.aliases" message seems that perhaps you could save that file.

Just throwing out some ideas here...

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