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I'm a brand new DSL user. Got an old box for my old mother and DSL seems snappy enough on it. But it came with Firefox 1.0.6(!) so it was time to update it. I found the procedure a bit tricky and that's why I'm posting this so that other people wouldn't have to waste their time wondering about how this is done. I'm not sure if this is a complete working procedure but I did something along these lines and now I've got Firefox working.

1. Get the latest version from
2. On your desktop, click MyDSL and go to Gtk2
3. Click on and select download
4. Wait for it to download
5. Right click on desktop > MyDSL > Update_to_GTK2
6. On your desktop, open EmelFM and browse to the folder you downloaded the latest Firefox version. Double click the file to uncompress it. Copy the uncompressed version to the location you want to use.
7. Now right click on desktop > xshell and switch to the folder and type ./firefox

That's it I believe.

After I got it working for me, I replaced the /usr/local/firefox folder (containing the old 1.0.6) with the new version. So now the Firefox icon on desktop launches my


I think that I'm pretty decent computer user but it took me hours to figure out this shit. (note to self: don't use Synaptic to uninstall GTK1.2 in order to install GTK2.0... makes life a bit difficult...)I hope that powers will put this information to some place where people will find it.

PS. praise the lord for bugmenot... (

Thanks, bugmenot.  "I replaced the /usr/local/firefox folder (containing the old 1.0.6) with the new version."  How? I'm a linux newbie.
Don't forget if you add mplayer and mplayer-plugin for video you need to copy the plugins from /opt/firefox/plugins to /usr/local/firefox/plugins. Then type about:plugins in firefox to check that there there.
macadavy, you've got to right click the emelfm icon and launch the super user mode. make your way to usr/local and you should see firefox rename that to firefox.old, then copy the firefox you downloaded from the site and unzipped to that location. make sure you install the gtk or else it won't work.a pic->

Also if you prefer a file manager with icons install rox. It's a heck of alot better. But you've got to add super user mode on your own or launch from terminal sudo rox or run program sudo rox. Let me know if you need more info or help.

Thanks bugmenot!

I'm posting this from firefox and it works like a charm.

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