Gtk2 :: gnumeric.dsl

Again, an app. related to gtk.

I have tried several times gnumeric and I have not succeed to run the program. Of course the gtk2 library was installed and updated before. :(

Has somebody experienced the same?



I had this problem - was due to it missing - install gnupg.dsl and it cures the problem.

This is what I did to get it working:

install gtk2-0705.dsl - (menu>myDSL>Update_to_GTK2 to enable it)
install gnupg.dsl
install gnumeric.dsl

OK, now Gnumeric starts (can someone update the info file with gnumeric to reflect the need for gnupg.dsl to be loaded), but....

When I try to open an excel file it crashes! Siag will open the same excel file in it's restricted way so it surely isn't anything to do with the excel file.


Gnumeric in DSL-n (ver 1.4.3) works OK. DSL has ver 1.5.3. DOes anyone know if any other files are missing?

original here.