Games :: jose-java-1.4.0.dsl

u can download it from my site:
jls legalize mydsl unofficial repository
u need to install jre1_5_0.uci or jre1_5_0.tar.gz in order to play this game

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Have you removed it already? I couldn't find it when following your link.

I saw that you also have acrobat reader 4 (with wine). If you're interested, I have created a acroread4.dsl (that doesn't require anything but stock dsl) and a acroread5.uci (also requires nothing else than stock dsl). I cannot post it to the main repos, because they are not gpl, but I would like to share if anyone's interested!


I fixed my web page now u can download the chess game.
U can send me your .dsl and I'll publish them on my web page.
My e-mail is on my web page.

original here.