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I also note that you used "UPDATED" in caps like that and referred to a newer version. Again, what is in a newer version that you need that's not already in the existing one?

FWIW, I don't know why there'd be any conflict between the new gtk2 UCI and k3b.dsl since they don't share common apps or libs and whatever k3b uses should be in /usr instead of /opt (and vice versa). Have you tried unmounting the gtk2 extension again to see if k3b works again? Just doesn't make any sense to me.

lucky13, meo does say in the post that unmounting the uci did not help. Please do read the post.
Please do read the post.

I did and, yes, it's somewhere in there in between life stories about how big which remasters are and which doo-dads are the size of a stamp and twinkles of an eye. Amazing how much more detailed everything but the actual problem can be. Thankyouverymuch. :p

edit. I still want to know why something that's not a problem before using another extension necessitates an upgrade of the unoffending extension. Seems the thing to do is fix the other one first if there's even a problem with it.

Hi again lucky13!

If you follow the thread you'll see that what I mentioned was a direct answer to Jason W. And frankly I don't care if you still don't understand the issue. To me it seems that you just want to argue instead of trying to understand the problem at hand. Well that's your choice, but everything is there if you really want to grasp the point with this thread, and I'm getting tired of repeating everything that I already have mentioned. So a short advice: Read carefully and think about what it means instead of nagging all the time.

As always have fun with DSL guys,

Fine, you're saying you can't actually name a feature in k3b-current that's absent in the one in MyDSL. That's all I was asking.
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