Apps :: Save as pdf missing from gimp

I just noticed the ability to save a file as pdf is missing from gimp-1.2 (and I suppose gimp-2.4).

You can save a file as postscript and then do something like "ps2pdf myfile.pdf" or I guess you can use imagemagik or similar to convert the file, but that's not the same, right?

Does anybody know of a way to add this capability by use of a plug-in or similar? It would be a useful addition to the gimp mydsl extension.

I think you can just set an environmental variable (GS_PROG?) to ghostscript. I need to look. It's been a while since I've had to do that.

Okay, I just looked and I think that's it. Question is Windows-related but I think it's the same for Linux.

Thanks - I had a look at the link and tried GS_PATH, but it looks more like that is to open pdf files in gimp. I'm looking to scan something into gimp and then save it as a pdf file.

There are some extensions greyed out in the file/save as dialogue, but pdf isn't one of them...

Hmmm, I just did a little more looking and I guess gimp doesn't save pdf -- I thought it did. The wikipedia entry, fwiw, says gimp can open pdf but not save or edit pdf. I found another site that suggested an "inelegant" way of doing it with gimp but it uses krita.

Open Office draw will save to pdf, and as you noted so will imagemagick.

Edit: there's also tiff2pdf (in libtiff-tools) if you want a little better quality.

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