Apps :: Alternate pdf readers

Has anyone had any luck with alternates to xpdf on dsl?

The reason I ask is that xpdf (including 3.02 from testing) will not read quite a few pdf files I have.

I've tried to get adobe reader for linux working without luck (and why is it 50MB...) and although I can get foxit reader to run, the fonts are garbled so I cannot do anything with it.

Have you tried gsview? It's a gtk1 pdf viewer, and uses Ghostscript to do the rendering (
Thanks - I'll have a go with gsview
Hmm - I'm kind of stuck here. I'd like to use gs/epsgs-7.05 in order to use some of the files already in dsl but, in order for gsview to work, you have to compile gs/epsgs with shared libs ("make so"). Whilst "make" completes without problems, "make so" does not.

Did anybody have any success with this kind of thing?

original here.