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---Deleted due to errors---
.bz2 is not a supported MyDSL extension type.
Please use the supported standards. I will adjust the format this time.

I don't think it's good to send apps needing stuff not in MyDSL (qt 4!), since the whole idea of mydsl is click-n-play, or atleast read info, load a dependency extension, then play..
Hope to finish 'qt3.uci' and 'qt4.uci' by next month.
(Yay.) :)

Re: what curaga wrote, did you build against those libraries?
Re: what s-i wrote, those UCIs may be of use if newby's qt libs were in the same /opt path when the scidavis extension was compiled. I bet it wasn't, though.

One way to see. I went ahead and opened it. This is not set to untar in /opt. See:

(edit: for comparison purposes, see also the following: )

So, will this install in pwd or / ?

Notice there's an 18kb file of gpl.txt. Is this needed in a "damn small" extension since anyone can find a copy of it online?

In addition to what curaga wrote...
Description:    Program I made into a MyDSL extension

Not helpful.

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