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Hi guys,

I'm looking for an email tool to monitor my POP3 mailboxes.  I'd like something that could run in the background and let me know when a new message has arrived.  Ultimately, I'd like to be able to click on a message in a list and have Sylpheed open up so that I could read and answer.  All this without removing the message from the server or storing it locally permanently.

I use a Windows tool named Magic Mail Monitor that does a great job of this.  I've run it under Wine on DSL, but it really flickers.  I'm betting that there have got to be some great email tools for Linux and I'm hoping you guys can point me to one or two.

Also, does anybody know any real good generic Linux forums where I might ask questions like this?  I hate to be more of a burden to you than I need to be and I know that there have got to be more appropriate places to learn the basics.

Much thanks,

Hi John,
As a newbie to Linux I found '' to be quite helpful.
Have a Happy New Year.

There are loads for Windowmaker, and so for fluxbox. These don't go into the tray though, but to the slit.

Here's a long list of those capable of docking into systray:

Check alltray out too ;)

Newer versions of Sylpheed also show an icon in the tray showing your mails
The equivalent of the fluxbox slit in jwm is the SWALLOW tag in the tray. I don't know how well a 64x64 dockapp will work in a 32-pixel or smaller tray, but you could add an extra 64-pixel tray that will hold dockapps (and set on autohide or layer so it's under everything else if you don't want to give up 64xX pixels).
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