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Title:          xchat-2.8.6.uci
Description:    Xchat GTK2 IRC Client.
Version:        2.8.6
Author:         See Below
Original-site:  See Below
Copying-policy: See Below
-----==[  Color = green     Filesize:   1.07M  ]==-----
Extension by:   Jason W
Comments:       This is the latest GTK2 version of the XChat IRC client.
               This extension also contains Openssl-0.9.8h, and was built
               without python or perl support.  This extension requires
               either the gtk+-2.10.9.{dsl/unc} or the gtk+-2.12.9.uci
               Components of this extension:
               --Version 2.8.6
               --Author Peter Zeleny
               --License GPL
               --Version 0.9.8h
               --Author The Openssl Project
               --License Openssl License
               Copies of the above licenses are in the extension under the
               /opt/xchat-2.8.6/license directory.
               Sources and build scripts are archived and available at
       In the event of
               server unavailability, contact Jason Williams at
               and the sources can be provided over the network free of charge.
               2008/01/22     First version 2.8.4
Current:        2008/06/27         Bumped version to 2.8.6 and build against and included
                                  Openssl 0.9.8h

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