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Title:          nspluginwrapper-
Description:    Compatibility layer for Netscape compatible plugins.
Author:         Gwenole Beauchesne
Copying-policy: GPL
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Extension by:   Jason W
Comments:       Nspluginwrapper enables the use of 32 bit plugins on 64
               bit and BSD systems.  It's use on DSL is basically insurance
               to keep Firefox from crashing when using the Flash 9
               plugin.  With nspluginwrapper in use, when the flash plugin
               crashes (as it sometimes will) there is simply a grey area of
               screen where the flash content was.  Simply refreshing the browser
               restarts the flash plugin.  Firefox remains unaffected, which
               is of value when in the middle of something important.
               If you have the flash plugin downloaded to /mnt/hda2/flash, then:
               $ nspluginwrapper -i /mnt/hda2/flash/
               That will install the wrapper to
               /home/dsl/.mozilla/plugins/ .
               You probably don't want to leave it there since that will
               crash the gtk1 Firefox that comes with DSL.  Moving that
               wrapper file to the directory where you have your gtk2
               Firefox installed makes more sense.  Move the file
               /home/dsl/.mozilla/plugins/ to
               /mnt/hda2/firefox/plugins/  if
               that is where you installed Firefox.  That way only your
               gtk2 Firefox is using flash.  One word of warning: be careful
               with laptops as a crash of flash with nspluginwrapper can
               leave your cpu pegged at 100% if you leave it unattended. In
               that case killing a process may be necessary.
Current:        2008/06/08 - First submission

This version is actually a snapshot of the upcoming, not yet officially released.  The version field should be  I forgot to mention that in the file.  Thanks.

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