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Title:          flwm.dsl
Description:    Flwm is a minimalist X Window Manager
Version:        1.02
Author:         Bill Spitzak (
Copying-policy: GNU GPL (v2 or later)
-----==[  Color = red     Filesize:   23KB  ]==-----
Extension by:   florian (
Comments:       This extension uses FTLK shared library (included in DSL
               version 4.4RC1 and later)
               To use, replace jwm or fluxbox by flwm in ~/.desktop
               Optionally, copy ~/ (or ~/ to ~/
Current:        2008/05/27 - First version

I like this little window manager now that I tried it. Could you include the library in a flwm extension that could be used on previous DSL versions?  I am using it on DSL 4.2.5 now, and I think it would nice for folks to be able to use this wm easily in any DSL version.

EDIT:  Working nicely in DSL 1.1 also.

Good point Jason! But rather than adding in the flwm extension, I'd rather have it as a separate extension of its own.

This way, alll future extensions that make use of the FLTK toolkit (as shared libs) could work as-is on DSL 4.4+ and would also work on previous DSL version with the extra requirement of loading the FTLK extension first.

I'll create this extension tonight when I'm back home.

I think there are fltk.dsl and .unc extensions in testing already.
They only have the static lib, as fltk only builds it by default
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