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Thanks to Juanito for:
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Title:          gparted.uci
Description:    gnome partition editor
Version:        0.3.7
Author:         see
Copying-policy: GPLv2
-----==[  Color = green     Filesize:   3.5MB  ]==-----
Extension by:   juanito
Comments:       *** Requires gtk+-2.10.uci cairo-1.2.uci & ntfsprogs-2.uci ***
               may work with other gtk2 extensions - not tested
               GParted is an industrial-strength package for creating, destroying,
               resizing, moving, checking and copying partitions, and the filesystems
               on them.
               *** BIG FAT WARNING - THIS RUNS AS ROOT ***
               Since GParted can be a weapon of mass destruction only root may run it.
               also contains:
               see see
Change-log:     First version
Current:        2008/05/16

how to download ?

where is ?


It's in mydsl testing or, if you are using a recent version of dsl-4.x you can use mikshaw's mydsl browser to search all of the mydsl archive
i load uci gtk2-10 (previus i have gtk0.75)
load uci cairo
load uci ntfs
load uci gparted
run gparted ....and nothing its done(the windows ram/cpu usage  up and down)

i have a resol of 800*600

who is wrong ?


Maybe the best way to troubleshoot is to start gparted from a terminal window:
Code Sample
$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/gparted/lib:/opt/ntfsprogs-2/lib:/opt/gtk+-2.10/lib /opt/gparted/sbin/

I'm guessing you might get something like this:
Code Sample
/opt/gparted/sbin/gpartedbin: relocation error: /opt/gtk+-2.10/lib/ undefined symbol: g_regex_unref

If so, you can fix it by opening /etc/, editing it so that "/opt/gtk+-2.10/lib" appears above "/usr/lib" and then re-issuing the ldconfig command:
Code Sample
$ sudo beaver /etc/
[edit as above]
$ sudo ldconfig

If you get some other error, please post it in this thread.

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