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Thanks to Jason for an update to:
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Title:          gtk+-2.12.9.uci
Description:    GTK2 and related libraries.
Version:        2.12.9
Author:         Varied
Original-site:  Varied
Copying-policy: Varied
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Extension by:   Jason W
Comments:       This is gtk+-2.12.9 and supporting libraries
      to run many gtk2 apps.  To use this extension, there
is a MyDSL menu for setting up or undoing setup.  Simply
running the right menu and answering yes/no will set up
this extension for use or remove the added entries in
/etc/  There is also a script
/opt/bin/boot_setup_gtk+-2.12.9 that can be called upon
during boot perform the setup.  To make use of true type fonts,
there are several font paths that are enabled by default.
Simply place fonts in any of these directories:
This allows fonts to be stored on removable media and
automatically used when the device is mounted with no
further configuration required.  Running:
# /opt/gtk+-2.12.9/bin/fc-cache
may be required when installing fonts, but once configured
the fonts should just work if they are in one of the above
               aspell-0.60.5      LGPL
               atk-1.22.0         Library GPL
               cairo-1.6.4        LGPL
               fontconfig-2.3.2   MIT
               freetype-2.3.5     GPL
               glib-2.16.3        Library GPL
               gnutls-2.2.2       GPL
               gtk+-2.12.9        Library GPL
               gtkspell-2.0.11    GPL
               jpeg-6b            GPL
               libgcrypt-1.4.0    GPL
               libgpg-error-1.6   GPL
               libpng-1.2.26      open source
               libxml2-2.6.32     MIT
               pango-1.20.2       Library GPL
               tiff-3.6.1         BSD
  2008/04/20 First version 2.12.9
Current: 2008/05/10 Added configuration scripts - original provided by WDef
and with help from the forum.  Added extra font paths.
Symlinked /etc and /var to /opt/gtk+-2.12.9-conf.

Simple omission of mine in the info file.  This:


Should read:


Hello Jason W!

Nice work with the new extension! I'm sorry to say that k3b burning program doesn't work with this new extension loaded. I even had to reboot to make it work. It would be nice with a k3b extension that works with gtk2.

Thanks for all you've done and have fun,

Hi meo,
I have gtk+-2.12.9 and k3b working together on DSL 2.4.  What DSL version are you using?  I cannot get k3b to pull up on DSL 4.3 even with gtk2 not loaded.  There has been a lot of changes in DSL between those two versions (like updates to cdrtools) and I do not have the time right now to further troubleshoot that particular issue.    EDIT: Probably due to my not loading the scsi drivers first, I will try that later.
When you have gtk2 loaded, what error messages are you getting?  Does k3b pull up but not burn?  I would be happy to further investigate and pinpoint the problem with a little more information.
Thanks and have a good day,

Hi again Jason W!

I'm using DSL version 3.3 (heavily remastered; the KNOPPIX file is more than triple the size of the original). K3b works fine as long as I havent loaded gtk+-2.12.9 before (unloading it makes no difference, it does not work). K3b tries to start (the sudo monitor appears but just briefly; like a twinkle of an eye) but then the cpu monitor goes back to zero. As I am a totally selflearned enthusiast I don't know where to look for error messages. So I need some help with that part but I really want you to understand that I appreciate this extension (gtk+-2.12.9) very much as I'm using the newest firefox, thunterbird and openoffice versions in different languages. So a big thanks for your effort!

Have fun working with DSL,

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