DSL Tips and Tricks :: Persistence

From my web site at http://www.jasonhsu.com/linux-persistent.html

  1.  Complete the frugal installation of Damn Small Linux
  2. Open a root shell.
  3. Enter the command "mkdir /mnt/hda3/opt"
  4. Enter the command "cp -arv /ramdisk/opt /mnt/hda3
  5. Open EmelFM as SuperUser.
  6. Open the file /cdrom/boot/grub/menu.lst .
  7. Add the following cheat codes to the end of the line preceding the first "initrd":
  8. Replace the earlier "nodma" cheat code with "dma"

Make number 8 optional. Not everyone's controllers/drives will work with DMA enabled, and that includes a lot of hardware DSL has targeted for support. I believe that's why the default is nodma. You can also use hdparm after boot to enable DMA.

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