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trying to use up all the old equipment left in the garage i find myself in the position where i have a frugal dsl running on a motherboard with 128mb ram and hda1 is a 1gb ide drive which is fine till i start running lots of things and run out of memory and freeze.  however because the frugal is ext2 and the mkswapfile only works with dos filesystem i find myself having to do it the old way.  this must be a common scenario??

Code Sample

#as root
#to create a 130mb file
dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/hda1/knoppix.swp bs=1024 count=132207

#protect it from everyone but root
chmod 600 /mnt/hda1/knoppix.swp

# format the file to be used as swap
mkswap /mnt/hda1/knoppix.swp

# add swap file it to the usable ram
swapon /mnt/hda1/knoppix.swp

use "free" to check it.

dsl should detect it at boot, if not there is a cheat code to scan for it.

happy daze!

this must be a common scenario??

Not really, except maybe for those who don't read documentation which advises setting up a swap when you designate partitions for DSL:

take it or leave it!
Let's take it, it's a good hint if you can't set up a swap partition for some reason.
Like for example, as creating a temporary swap file on a computer you arn't supposed to (or don't want to) repartition (And for whatever reason, there is no accessible dos swap file.
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